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5 fundamental online dating message tips

first messageFirst Dating Message

Personalize it to her

Invercargill women are like women all over the world – they want men who pay close attention to who they are as people. When writing the best online dating message, it’s important not to send dating messages that are “cookie-cutter” in nature. The one-size-fits-all approach might work in some cases, but in most cases, this kind of first date message will likely get you shut down. When writing dating messages on an online dating forum, you need to use the information she gives you in her personal profile to your advantage. This information is meant to help you compose the perfect initial message to her. Once you do that, you need to remain on your toes and act properly throughout the whole exchange if you’re interested in securing yourself a date.

Be a gentleman

Be a proper gentleman when dealing with women, even in the online dating world. Just because there’s a screen and a few kilometres that separate you from your prospective partner as you speak with her, does not mean that you shouldn’t be carrying yourself like an absolute proper gentleman at all times. Show her how courteous you can be, and show her that you respect her as a person. Of course, it’s important to find the balance in this endeavor – while you want to convey the impression that you’re a gentleman, you don’t want to make yourself look like a total pushover, since that will likely hinder your chances of meeting up with her.

Show her your personality

One of the most important online dating tips I can offer you is to be yourself, always. Let your personality shine through in your dating messages. Of course, I’m not saying that you should simply talk about yourself the whole time, because that will likely turn her off and cause her to run for the virtual hills. Find the balance between learning things about her and sharing things about yourself to her.

Ask her questions

Women love answering questions, especially those questions specifically suited to her. Initially you can find inspiration for these questions through her profile. For example, if she writes that she likes reading books, you can ask her who her favorite write is, or what her favorite niche is. As the conversation progresses, you’ll surely uncover more questions to ask her, and you should definitely ask those liberally as they come to mind. Most women will be happy to answer even the most banal questions you can think of. Though, of course, avoid asking banal questions if there are better, more interesting ones that come to mind.

Ask her out

Of course, all those questions will eventually lead to the ultimate, most practical question – asking her out. You’ll want to be careful with this one, since doing it too soon will likely ruin your chances. Of course, you don’t want to wait too long, either, because nothing can ruin your chances of going on a date with someone online like the dreaded friend zone. What I like to do is to keep driving the conversation to a high point until a comfortable silence is reached. Once I notice that silence, I’ll just spring the question on her, asking her if she’d like to go for a coffee over the weekend, or maybe get a few drinks at a bar. If she says no, that’s fine, I just move on to the next one. If she says yes, I give myself a little fist bump and prepare for my hot date.

Fake Women Don’t Like Music

They say that music for the heart will help seduce the soul, and I think that this is true for any woman out there. We all like sexy songs and it can be one of the best seduction tactics for guys to use when online dating. If you are talking to someone who says they don’t like music, then you are probably talking to fake women. Everyone likes one type of music or another, and if they say that music for the heart is a lie, then you should think twice about trying to date them. There are some truly sexy songs out there, and if you can find the right ones, it will help you set the mood with any woman. Imagine a nice dinner with some slow jams playing the background of your gentle conversation. Then after eating, moving to the living room to dance or listen to the playful lyrics of your favorite artist. This is enough to get any woman in the right state of mind, so it is a good idea to know about some of the sexy songs out there so you can use them as part of your seduction tactics. The following is a list of some of the sexiest songs that I know, and I hope that they can help you get into the heart of that special someone.

sexual fantasiesLearn How to Set the Mood

Top Songs to Get Her in the Mood for Sex

If you are new to online dating, then you are probably a bit rusty on your seduction tactics. As mentioned, seducing a woman by setting the mood is one of the best ways to get some action. There are some sexy songs that are music for the heart, and they will help you get her in the mood for sex.

How Many Licks – Lil Kim

If you are trying to think of a sexy song, look no further. This song is explicitly sexy and will definitely get her thinking about sex. It is a fun, classic track that will help you lay some groundwork for whatever may come next.

I Want Your Sex – George Michael

This is a throwback tune that can be a lot of fun, and a bit suggestive. Well maybe a lot suggestive as the title implies. This can be a great dance tune and perfect for a friday night.

I’m A Slave 4 U – Britney Spears

We all remember this track and it’s seductively sexy music video. If you are sitting on the couch with your partner, pop this video on, and you will be sure to start getting things going before you know it. No one can sit through that video without thinking about sex.

Ignition – R. Kelly

If you want to start her engine, bump this classic track from R. Kelly, and she will want to get up and dance right in front of you. R. Kelly is a master of seduction and his sexy songs can be your secret weapon of your seduction tactics.

Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

This is one of those tunes that we have all heard and love. Pop this track on and you will stir up all of her sexual fantasies from the past. Once she has it in her mind, it won’t take much to move the dancing to the bedroom.

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – Rod Stewart

Although this song is a little funny, it is catchy and sexy. What better way is there to ask her if she thinks you are sexy by playing this song for her.

Sexy MF – Prince

Prince has long been the symbol for sex in the music world, and he has tons of great music to play to get her in the mood for sex. Sexy MF is one of the best for this, so don’t hesitate about pulling out that old vinyl and giving it a spin.

Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye

Another classic Marvin Gaye track that should not be missed in your list of sexy songs. We all need a bit of healing sometimes, so what not do it through sex. Let her know what you need and you shall receive.

Feel Like Makin’ Love – Roberta Flack

When you are in the mood, this song can help you let her know and help get her in the mood too. It is a classic tune that gets the groove on every time. Don’t wait until it is too late in the night before playing this song. Get it started now.

Where to Find Summer Flings for Collage Guys

Summer usually means no classes. There is a lot of time to burn before you have to get back to school. For most guys, summer means summer flings! The problem is that you don’t know where to find summer flings. It is actually quite easy if you know what you are doing. There are plenty of potential places where you can easily find flings without waiting too much. Below are some of the ideas on where you can easily find flings for the summer.

Summer flings are not only a guys’ thing. Girls love them too and thoroughly enjoy them. This is why it is going to be easy for to find girls that are ready for a causal relationship during the summer. The main trick is to know where you are going to find these girls.

Getting a Summer Job

Getting a summer job should not be that hard. It is a great way for you to make some extra party cash, and more importantly, meet hot girls. You will be working with some pretty hot girls, and this is the best chance you will have at finding a summer flings.

You will also probably never see these girls again after the summer, so it makes everything perfect. You will also have plenty of time to make your moves since you will be seeing them every day for the duration of the summer anyway. It shouldn’t be that hard to get hooked up for the summer if you know what you are doing.

Volunteer for the summer

Again, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can get your community service hours, while at the same time getting a chance to meet girls. These girls also have their head on straight, and should give you too much drama. Again, since you will be seeing them every day, you will have plenty of time to hone your skills and get a summer fling.

Look for a summer love

You will have plenty of memories to take back to college.

You will also not be seeing these girls again, which is a definite plus. As soon as you’re volunteering ends for the summer, so will remember your summer fling, and you will have plenty of memories to take back to college. It really cannot get any simpler.

Go Out!

If working or volunteering is not more of your thing, you can go out to meet summer flings. Something about the summer heat makes girls go wild in the club. Clubbing is probably your first option. You can meet plenty of out-of-town girls here for a summer fling. These girls are easy to get, and are impressed with a ‘native’ and looking for something different from what you will usually get in their home town. If you play your cards right, you will be able to pick up plenty of girls when out clubbing.

The beach is also a perfectly good place to meet girls for a fling. You won’t even have to try that hard. Girls in their bikinis will be there lined up since they are also looking for a summer fling. Amusement parks and malls are also other great places where you can go out to meet summer flings.

Take Advantage of Facebook and Twitter

You might be surprised at how many potential summer flings you can get from social networks. You can find plenty of girls ready to hook up as soon as possible without even trying too hard. These girls probably already like you, and have been waiting for you to talk to them. There are girls that you barely know but would still be interested in hooking up. You can take this opportunity to meet up with these girls, and go back to the normal routine once the summer is over.

Use Online Fling Sites

Out of all the ideas mentioned here, using online fling sites is no doubt your best bet. This is a hot bed for hot women looking for casual encounters. Whether it is a summer fling or a one night stand, you will meet plenty of hot girls on these sites. The best part is that these sites are extremely cheap and they are the best places to find summer flings quickly. You will probably end up spending more going to the club every night trying to meet girls. Choose two of the top 4 online casual dating UK sites and you will find plenty of hot girls that simply cannot wait to hook up.

Read the Dating Guide

Navigating online dating sites is not as easy as you might think. There are special tips and tactics that you will definitely need to enable you to actually get women from these sites. The best thing that you can do is to read these tips and tactics, and you will be able to get these women without trying too hard.

where to find summer flings

Many girls are willing to date someone just for the summer.

Summer flings can be fun, and you would be surprised at how many girls are willing to date someone just for the summer. The internet opens up a whole new world for flings, and you will never fail to get these girls to hook up with you. This of course if only if you have the right tips and tactics for casual dating online.

Look out For Online Dating Scams

There are also many online dating scams out there, which is why you might need to pay keen attention to what you are doing. It is easy to lose your money online because the internet is rife with dating scams. You need to be able to spot these scams as soon as possible, and avoid falling prey to these scams. The review pages expose the major scams, as well as tell you which sites are legitimate for online dating. In fact, for UK casual dating, you can only find few legit online dating sites. Any other website for casual dating that you might expect to find will be a fraud.